Analysis Salon


From 1904-1978 Nadia Boulanger held her esteemed Wednesday afternoon group class and evening salons. Copland, Stravinsky, Faure, Bernstein, Paul Valery, and many other luminaries across the arts were frequent attendees. The works of Bach provided the foundation of knowledge and ideas that were meticulously traced down through the ages.

In this same tradition Dr. Boyle offers a semi-weekly Wednesday evening Analysis Salon from his studio in Philadelphia. Each evening begins with a 7-7:30 wine and cheese cocktail hour, followed by an analysis lecture from 7:30-8:30, and concludes with a light refreshment and discussion to follow.


Don't live near Philadelphia? That's OK too. Each lecture can be lived streamed via YouTube Live., or watched at any time here.

In-person participation: $30 per seminar                      Streaming participation: $20 per seminar
In-person Season 3 all-access: $200                                  Streaming Season 3 all-access: $150

To purchase, contact us here with your request. Thank you.

Analysis Salon Season 3

Season three of Analysis Salon will focus on composer’s efforts to push toward a sense of sublimity through theexpansion and transcendence of harmonic, contrapuntal, and formal dicta of music - including the use of non-tonal concepts - in choral music, chamber music, art-song, works for keyboard, orchestral music, and opera spanning 400 years.

February 1          On the Eve of Tonality

                                 Repertoire:         Tallis If ye love me, Byrd Ave verum corpus

February 15        The Grand Duality

                                 Repertoire:         Bach WTC 1 Eb Major

March 1                Up the Long Ladder, Part 1

                                 Repertoire:         Schumann Trio No. 1, Op. 63     

March 29            12-tone Designs and the Supernatural

          Repertoire:         Chopin Nocturne No. 12, Britten A Mid Summer Night’s Dream

April 12                The Frivolous and the Sublime

                                 Repertoire:         Poulenc Banalites

April 26                Ghosts of the Past, Shades of the Future

                                 Repertoire:         Berg Violin Concerto

May 10                 “Car j'ai de grands departs inassouvis en moi”

                                  Repertoire:         Faure L’horizon chimerique Op. 118


Watch all Analysis Salon Season 2 recordings by clicking on the links below:


Season 2 Episode 2 September 14, 2016     

The Synthesis of the Old and the New, the Human and the Divine

Repertoire: Barber Prayers of Kierkegaard

Season 2 Episode 3 October 5, 2016               

Meta-Counterpoint: The Farther Shore Part 1

Repertoire: Schumann Kriesleriana, Op. 16

Season 2 Episode 4 October 19, 2016          

Meta-Counterpoint: The Farther Shore Part 1I

Repertoire: Schumann Kriesleriana, Op. 16

Season 2 Episode 5 November 2, 2016        

Meta-Counterpoint: The Farther Shore Part 1II

Repertoire: Schumann Kriesleriana, Op. 16

Season 2 Episode 6 November 16, 2016      

The Elegance of Species Design

Repertoire: Schumann Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Op. 26 No. 4,
Faure Clair de lune, Op. 46 No. 2

Season 2 Episode 7 November 30, 2016    

The Power of the Overtone Series and the Will of the Pitch

Repertoire: Chopin Nocturnes Op. 27

Season 2 Episode 8 December 7, 2016       

Hypermetrics; The Perception of and the Desire for Symmetry

Repetoire: Chopin Impromptu Op. 51, Poulenc Gloria