Song of Solomon, for soprano, tenor, and piano, Op. 43 (2019)


I. Let him kiss me

II. Rise up my love

III. I sought him, but I found him not

IV. My beloved is mine

V. I opened to my beloved

VI. My vineyard is before me

VII. Set me as a seal

Spirits in Bondage, for baritone and piano, Op. 40 (2017) - poetry of C.S. Lewis

Reverie & Lullaby, for mezzo-soprano and piano, Op. 38 (2016) - poetry of Sara Teasdale

Zelda's Dream, for soprano and piano, Op. 35 (2015) - A Letter by Zelda Fitzgerald

Danny Boy, for voice and piano, Op. 32 (2014)

Au défaut du silence, for baritone, string quartet, and piano, Op. 31 (2013) - Poetry of Éluard

Songs of Virtue and Loss, for soprano and piano, Op. 30 (2013)  - Poetry of Edith Wharton -

Guinevere, for mezzo-soprano and piano, Op. 29 (2013)  - Poetry of Madison J. Cawein -

Folksongs from another World, for voice and piano, Op. 25 (2011)

Chansons de Dianefor soprano, tenor, and piano, Op. 24 (2011)  - Poetry of Charles Baudelaire -

Le passage des rêves, for baritone and piano, Op. 15 (2007)  - Poetry of Paul Valéry -

Trois Chansons, for soprano and piano, Op. 11 (2002)  - Poetry of Charles Baudelaire -

Lenoriana, for baritone and piano, Op.4 (2002)  - Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe -

Quatre Chansons, for soprano and piano, (2000)  - Poetry of Charles Baudelaire -

I.   Le vin des amants

II.   Hymne

III.   La mort des amants

IV.  La fin de la journee

Ophelia, for soprano and piano, Op. 3   (2001)  - Text by William Shakespeare -