Cantata No. 2: Voyages, for alto, tenor, baritone, choir, and string orchestra , Op. 41 (2018)

I. Avowal: Bind us in time

II. Seascape: Above the fresh ruffles of the surf

III. Pairings: And yet this great wink of eternity

IVa. Aria: This tendered theme of you

IVb. Aria: And yet, admitted through black swollen gates

V. Descent: Meticulous, infrangible, and lonely

VI. Chorale: Draw in your head

Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra, for marimba and chamber orchestra , Op. 34 (2015)

Danny Boy, for voice and string orchestra , Op. 32 (2014)

Impromptus and Arabesques, for orchestra , Op. 20 (2009)

I.   Moderato non agitato

II.   Andante grazioso

III.   Andantino grazioso

IV.   Poco allegro

V.   Andantino espressivo

Hudson Sinfonia, for brass ensemble, Op. 19 (2009)

Concerto for Organ and Orchestra, for organ and large orchestra, Op. 14 (2007)

I.   Sonata

II.  Aria

Cantata No. 1: To One in Paradise
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, choir, and string orchestra, Op. 8 (2005)

for soprano and large orchestra, Op. 4 (2003)

Zigeunerlieder, Johannes Brahms, Opus 103 (selections)
transcription for solo violin and string orchestra